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DepTeach Approach is MindFilled Education

Our learning approach focuses on creating a healthy mindset by having meditation and prayer woven into our curriculum. We have found that no matter the foundation, belief system, condition or educational background, our diverse courses, workshops, webinars, and retreats provide increased value and life-changing experiences for everyone.

Online, Ground, Independent Learning  24/7


Meet the Team

Dr. Estella Chavous

C0-Founder & CEO

Christian Education, Marketing, Project Management, Professor in Organizational Leadership and Studies
The Mind-Filled /Christ-Filled Professor

Julius Kambach

Guest Speaker

Guest Speaker on software, Agile methodologies, that lead to product innovations.
Double time Patent recipient and Software System Platform expert

Dr. Jacinta Kambach

C0-Founder & CFO

A doctor with an intuitive approach (Award Winning Author, Radio Host, Keynote, Social Skills/ Relationship Strategist)
Hollywood Weekly Columnist - Ask Dr. Jai

Our Team Story

All of our instructors are trained in theory and are practitioners of change. They combine theory with real-world practices resulting in successful learning outcomes. This gives our students the benefit of theoretical and applied learning that results in the development of their knowledge, skills, and abilities in desired areas.